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2nd Update on Help Charlie walk again

From SAFE Bunbury's Facebook Album 19/8/17:

The update we have all been waiting to hear. Charlie is recovering very well. Such a little trooper. She is in a foster care home where she will remain until fully recovered. Charlie is still using 3 legs but expected to weight bear a little on the leg before the second operation to remove the pin. Charlie’s leg was fractured in multiple placed, initially we were all concerned she may lose her leg. Thanks to the great surgical team at Blair Street Vets in Bunbury, Charlie appears to be on the road to recovery and a better quality of life. We raised an amazing $2300 towards her surgery. SAFE and Charlie cannot thank the generous public enough for their contributions. You are all so awesome! Owing to your donations, Charlie has been able to receive her first procedure and will be booked her for secondary procedure shortly. Pictured here with Dr John Fulton and at her foster families home.

Charlie's surgery has been done by Blair Street Vets in Bunbury.  SAFE Bunbury welcomes any additional donations towards Charlie's procedure and ongoing recovery care. Commonwealth Bank, Account Name  SAFE Bunbury, BSB  066-531, Account Number  10335707
Do *not* scroll down if you don't want to see graphic photos of the procedure!

From Facebook 4/8/17

Well our beautiful Charlie is on the road to recovery  This could not have been made possible without the generosity of those of you who you opened your hearts to help this lovely girl receive her surgery.

Charlie had multiple fractures. Upon opening her up it was discovered that she had received this injury some many weeks ago and has been getting around on this badly damaged leg for the duration. 

Charlie has had a rod placed in her leg to stabilise the area whilst she heals. Further down the track the intention is to remove this pin to enable the body to continue healing on it's own. 

Charlie is estimated to be 4 years of age. She has plenty of time to recover and she is doing very well post surgery  A big shout out to Dr John Fulton at Blair Street Vets for the extra care he puts into all his clients and especially the extra cuddles he and his staff gave this girl in recovery after her procedure. 

First all the fur came off:
Sweet dreams of a working leg:
The first cut, and further in you can see the nasty fracture
Lots of tools and effort later, closing up!
This was our initial plea for help:

GIVE HER THE GIFT OF A SECOND CHANCE – the gift of a quality life.  

To donate please reference your payment as Charlie Surgery to:
Commonwealth Bank
Account Name  SAFE Bunbury
BSB  066-531
Account Number  10335707


SAFE Bunbury received a desperate phone call from a nearby shire ranger asking for help with a beautiful blue heeler found with a severely damaged hind leg.  

Thankfully the Animal Health Centre of Donnybrook stepped up and offered to hold her for the mandatory few days where she has been kept comfortable on pain relief medication whilst the rangers attempted to locate her owner. Sadly this girl remained unclaimed and was declared homeless.

Staff at the Animal Centre named her Charlie and we think it suits her. Charlie has a badly fractured leg, there are 3 breaks with bone shattered in areas within the leg and she requires major surgery urgently to correct this and provide her with the best chance at a quality life.  

We are asking the public to open their hearts to help raise $2000 towards the initial stage of her procedure. No matter how small your donation, it will all help to save Charlie’s leg and free her from her current pain.

• if you seek a Tax Receipt please contact our organisation via pm with details and we will be happy to forward for you.






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