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Connor (was Wags)

22 March 2017

It has been 18 months since I got my dog from you now and I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the best friend in the whole entire world. Connor and I just got back from a 3 week road trip up the east coast of Australia where we stopped at all of the beaches every single day. He was super protective of me the whole trip. He is an extremely smart and happy dog so if he isn’t fond of someone (which is so rare) you know they are a total jerk and to steer clear. We have only ever spent one week apart every year when I go away to a music festival over my birthday and he has a sleepover at my mum’s house with her dog. He’s my best friend in the world and he never does anything wrong. Some of my friends tell me that he doesn’t always listen to them or he shouldn’t be inside the house so much or that he’s so spoilt but my response is always, "He does what he wants. He’s the king.” And he is. He deserves the best of everything and I trust him with my life. 

 On holiday!



1 January 2016

Connor is the loveliest dog. He's never met a person he doesn't like! He loves people and other dogs and is ecstatic if another person pays attention to him, especially strangers. He constantly peeps his head over people's prams to check out the baby inside.

He is very placid so when he's tuckered out from playing with overly active dogs, he hides from them under furniture and on shelves. He's a champion at hide and seek. He loves to spoon and cuddle.  He's very smart and a quick learner. 

He is a bit of an instigator! My mum's dog and housemate's dog don't do anything cheeky until he's around. He's always happy and even wags his tail when he's in trouble. 

I take him to work with me and I'm a nanny so all he does is play with the kids and when they cry he comforts them by licking their face. I'm even allowed to take him to the gym because he has charmed everyone in there!






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