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Luna (was Filly)

1 May 2017

I just found Luna and Maud like this! Considering Maud is 7 and has never done anything but try to chase cats, it's pretty impressive! And that is Maud's bed! I'm not sure who was there first, I found them like this!


11 April 2017

Just a quick update on Luna. She's very well and happy. In these pictures, she's just enjoying a warm day by the pool! She like pats and is getting a lot more comfortable with cuddles even though she's not really into cuddles. She has taken to being near me - even if I am outside she's not far from me. She's inside most of the time but she likes to find a sunny spot in the garden to sleep if it's a warm day. It's very safe for her as the dog keeps other cats away and we live in a quiet cul de sac. There is 4000m of bush to wander and I've never seen a snake which I suspect is because we have lots of kookaburras. Luna often finds a spot to supervise the kids from next door when they're playing with Sam. It's not unusual to see her up a tree! She's not catching as many mice now as I think she was wanting more food and is a bit fussy but I think we've sorted that now! Her coat is lovely and thick. Her and the dog have become very close but the dog is getting fat because she won't eat her food until she gets a spoon of Luna's food in her dish! Luna is very tolerant of Sam but when he gets too annoying, she hides in the linen cupboard which I leave partly open for her. Sam doesn't know about that hiding spot yet!



17 January 2017

I thought I would send you some more pictures of Luna while I have time. As I'm writing this, she is asleep on my bed.

I've attached some of her favourite places to sit! It's like she has been here her entire life. Every evening I have to go down to the chicken pen and put the ducks in a secure pen (because of foxes) so Luna and the dog, Maud, follow me. Luna looks for mice and climbs trees on the way down, then follows me back! She loves climbing trees. I close the dog door at night but during the day she finds a nice place to sleep and usually doesn't move! If I'm outside she will always be near me though.


5 January 2017

I just wanted to send you a quick update to let you know Luna is doing very well. She is currently snuggled up next to me on the couch! Luna is a very confident cat - more like a dog really. We try to keep her inside as much as possible during the day and she is locked in at night so the dog door now has to be shut at night because she has worked it out! During the day she follows me around in the garden. I've been cleaning out my shed and garage and she "helps" me. The house sits on 4000sqm and there is a lot to do outside but Luna is never far away and comes in when I come in. She is getting use to my son, Sam, carting her around and she loves it when he plays with her! Luna has also taken to sleeping where Maud the dog sleeps!



13 December 2016

We recently adopted Filly from Cat Haven here in Perth. She originally came from Karratha SAFE. She is beautiful and has settled in like she has been here all her life. We have renamed her Luna.

When we went to Cat Haven, we asked for a cat that was use to dogs and children and who was playful and not a kitten - Luna is all that plus more! She is the perfect companion for Sam, my son, who has wanted a cat since he could talk. He is now 9 and  she sleeps on the end of his bed every night. Luna is very chatty and meows when she wants something. She especially likes chasing the dog! I couldn't recommend adopting a cat more - it has been a wonderful experience for us.






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