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Good evening Sue
You may not remember us, however we adopted Riley, a chocolate Labrador, from you guys back in August 2010.
We've only submitted a couple of story updates on Riley, as usually 'no news is good news'. Sadly it's not the case on this occasion.
Our gorgeous boy had to be humanely euthanized after he suffered a sudden spinal embolism (completely random and rare paralysis) on Thursday evening, 15th June.
After a sleepless night and endless tears, we said goodbye to our dear Boo. I hugged him and told him I loved him as he drifted off to sleep amid snores (which was so like him, giving me a final opportunity to laugh and for him to hear it).
Morbid as it may seem, I have attached a photo of him on our buffet, as well as a card from the Vet and FB post. I hope you can see that although it was a much shorter time than we (and he) anticipated, he had a massive impact on our lives and we all loved and adored him immensely!
My family and I are huge believers in what you and your team do at SAFE, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the amazing opportunity to know and care for such a wonderful, placid companion.
Dog #6148 signing out x
Yours sincerely
16 July 2014

Good evening,

I was just having a read through the Happy Outcomes again and noticed it has been almost 4 years since I have been in touch regarding our gorgeous Riley boy (a.k.a Boofer)!!

Riley is doing tremendously well and aside from recurring ear infections (which I think we have finally cured this year! Yay!) he is still an absolute joy in our lives and we can’t believe he has been with us for 4 years and is now almost 6 years old. He is becoming a ‘silver fox’ with all the white hair under his chin and around his mouth. Still a handsome boy though!

Two years ago we rescued another Labrador, this time from a puppy farm. She was in a terrible state when she came to us - afraid to come in the house, underweight, hair missing from a ‘too tight’ collar and stitches which had been left in after a hysterectomy that had become infected. None the less, she is another gorgeous addition to our family and Riley and his new friend Eva are inseparable!

We wish you and your team all the very best and thank you once again for finding such a gentle big boofer for our family Growing heart

Kind regards
The Anderson Family



12 September 2010

Hi Sue/Nel,

Riley is going brilliantly. My mum met him for the first time last weekend, as she lives in Perth and came down for a visit. She is very wary of large dogs, especially those dark in colour (due to a dog attack on her a few years ago) but by the end of the weekend she was even giving Riley some fuss when she thought we weren't looking!

He is currently at Dog School and doing really well. He has made heaps of doggie friends there and has even graduated to the 'smartie pants' class! We're so proud of him. We're not sure what kind of lifestyle he had before but I can tell you he is getting all the fabulous treatment he deserves at our house! The dog wash man (Pete) comes to wash Riley every fortnight. He is so good getting washed, either that or it's the treat he get's afterwards that gets him on his best behaviour! Pete says how lucky we are to have him, he's such a beautiful boy! He certainly has the "Life of Riley" and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Some days can be quite full on for me working at home with 5 children, but when they've all gone home and Riley comes inside for the night, he lays next to myself or my husband on the rug and is soon snoring his head off! He just makes us smile all the time.  When everyone is tucked in bed at night he has this ritual of walking the inside perimeter of the house, checking on us and the kids before he retires to his favourite leather armchair :-D

A couple of weeks ago Riley snuck out the side gate and took off down the street. I retrieved him in my car by doing a bit of off road work through the park (luckily nobody was there!). We have now got him registered with the local council and he still wears his SAFE tag just in case he decides to go walkabout again!

I have attached some more recent photo's of Riley. We will keep in regular contact and my husband and I are even considering adopting another dog in time as it has proven to be such a rewarding experience :-)

We're so thankful for the wonderful job you guys all do in re-homing these animals. I'm a firm believer that there is someone for everyone, whether that's a human or canine companion, we have certainly found ours :-)

Many thanks,

The Anderson Family







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